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Open Pineapple Face

Recipe Guide: gluten-free, vegan, plant-based, dairy-free How to make it more flare-friendly: soften granola by heating it with liquid. Note: You can make this a low-FODMAP-friendly snack by taking out the granola   Open Pineapple Face   Author: Ashley Hurst, R.D. Print Ingredients 1 Pineapple ½ cup of blueberries ½ banana ½ cup of strawberries ¼ […]

Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities can be confusing at times.  We know that symptoms can be more problematic at certain times depending on where we are with our IBD.  For some, there may be an increase in gluten and dairy sensitivity during a flare versus other times such as remission.  For others, there is a consistent sensitivity to […]

Dietary Strategies for IBD: Low FODMAP Diet

low fodmap diet

⭐Criteria for starring system:  Incorporates appropriate microbiome strategies Incorporates appropriate gut healing strategies  Inflammation reduction is a priority Long-term symptom reduction Easily implemented Reduces disordered eating patterns ⭐Caveat for starring system: This system is our opinion based on the available research at this time. We reserve the right to modify our recommendations as new literature […]