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Stop guessing and have a diet plan backed by evidence-based research

You’re confused by all the contradictory information you see online.

You’d like to figure out what the experts are discovering about IBD, but you don’t know where to go to find reliable information.

You feel worn out from trying to keep up with all the different diets (SCD, AIP, Paleo, Low FODMAP, etc.)

And let me guess… You’ve also Googled “what to eat for IBD” and found a million ideas on what NOT to eat and no answer on what in the world TO eat?!

As a result of trying to figure it out – perhaps now you’ve restricted your diet so much that you are down to only a few “safe” foods.

You know food matters with IBD and want to reclaim the freedom you’ve been missing by not having to spend so much energy and time guessing at what works…

You’re not alone. A lot of people like you just need a little guidance in finding what’s truly evidence-based nutrition and what actually works. You need someone who can walk you through the process and demystify IBD nutrition once and for all.

We are proud to have helped hundreds of IBD patients like you each year find symptom reduction, improve energy and expand their diets. If you are ready to stop the late-night Google searches and Reddit forum posting, hand it over to the experts – The Crohn’s & Colitis Dietitians have you covered.

Our IBD dietitians can give you all the information you need to reduce or eliminate your digestive symptoms by using the best approaches in digestive nutrition therapy.

Our team specializes in working with patients who have:


Ulcerative Colitis


Crohn’s Disease


Microscopic Colitis








IBD Fatigue


Abdominal Pain


Fear of Food


Symptoms Despite a Restricted Diet


The Desire for a Personalized Roadmap


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 Learn what to eat with IBD and how to reduce symptoms using our RAINBOW diet approach.

Plant Magic is for those diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease looking for an expert-guided, evidence-based, fun and simple roadmap for expanding your diet and getting symptom relief.

Plant Magic Base Support (with the option to upgrade) is for you if you can say yes to 2+ items from the list below:

  • You have IBD and experience digestive symptoms like bloating, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, etc.
  • You’ve tried several dietary approaches but nothing seems to help
  • You want to reduce your risk of flare
  • You’re a great self-starter and good at asking for help when you need it

Plant Magic Premium Support is for you if you can say yes to 2+ item from the list below:


  • You’ve worked with several other practitioners but are still struggling
  • You are facing weight loss of greater than 10 lbs
  • You are <3 months post-surgery
  • You are dealing with significant fear of food, disordered eating or an eating disorder
  • You’ve faced a recent hospitalization
  • You are struggling to eat solids
  • You have multiple nutrient deficiencies that haven’t been treated

Navigating pediatric IBD?

We have a specialized program for that. Go here.

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Here’s What Our Clients Say…

She's helped me more than three different doctors...

[My CCD dietitian] is great. She listens very well and pays attention to what you say. She’s helped me more in 5 months, than 3 different doctors did in a couple of years. She’s knowledgeable and able to apply her knowledge to help. I now have tools to help me manage my food sensitivities and I feel I getting real help for the future. I highly recommend her.


Within two weeks I noticed a difference....

I went to [the CCD team] with severe stomach issues after being blown off by numerous doctors. Within 2 weeks I noticed a difference and now 6 months later I feel like a whole new woman. I recommend anyone and everyone to visit them. […] They believe in healing their clients.


I’m now at my normal weight and am no longer in pain.

I can’t believe how much has improved. When I first started working with [the CCD team] I had lost over 25 lbs, was in a lot of pain and was pretty depressed after going to the ER several times without any answers. I’m now at my normal weight and am no longer in pain.


My UC is now in remission!

My UC is now in remission! I still have bumps in the road, but I now know what works best for my body and have a clear idea of what nutrition treatments are most effective. Thankful to finally be able to get back to running again.


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