Nutrition Therapy for Crohn’s and Colitis

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    Does this sound like you?

    • I feel bloated all the time

    • I always need to know where the nearest bathroom is

    • My life has been overturned by my symptoms

    • I feel like I’m just guessing about nutrition

    • My treatment isn’t working well

    • I’m tired of being in pain all the time

    We understand what you’re going through – because we have been there. 

    Crohn’s and Colitis Dietitians™

    We are specialists in helping people with painful digestive conditions find relief with evidence-based nutrition plans.

    All 4 of our dietitians have helped hundreds of people with Crohn’s, Colitis, Microscopic Colitis, Diverticulosis, Acid Reflux, EOE, bloating, SIBO, chronic diarrhea, and constipation transform their lives by gaining control of their symptoms and making peace with food.

    Learn what’s possible

    Diverticulosis, Acid reflux and Constipation to Now Off Acid Reflux Meds and No More Pain

    Case Study

    Patient was dealing with some constipation and reliant on Metamucil and Acid Reflux medication. He was unable to play with his kids because of his low energy and chronic gastrointestinal pain. He was having loss of appetite and pain with food and had lost weight of 20 lbs or more. He had been to the hospital on more than one occasion for a pain in his right side and left without answers. He was given standard dietary advice previously for diverticulosis which didn’t seem to address the whole picture.


    Stool test showed low levels of a few helpful bacteria, inflammation and lowered enzyme production. We worked to shift this using a food based approach and a few supplemental interventions. The micronutrient test showed low zinc levels which was driving the low testosterone, low energy, low immune function and his GI health. After 3 months of working together, he was able to come off of acid reflux medications and Metamucil and had no symptoms of acid reflux or constipation. After 6 months of work together, according to his symptom questionnaire, his overall symptoms improved by 90%, 100% improvement of bloating, constipation and nausea and an 82% improvement in mood.

    Quotes from patient

    “I’m thankful for our time together. Not being in pain has allowed me to be in a much better mental state. I now feel like a better role model to my son and am happy to be able to dance with my girls again”

    “Always having access to you through chat for immediate items has been a huge help as I was learning to figure it all out- it’s nice to not have to do it all alone”

    Active Ulcerative Colitis, Fatigue and Low Mood to Stable Remission

    Case Study

    The patient struggled for years with navigating painful ulcerative colitis, weight loss of 20 lbs, diarrhea 30 times per day, nausea and unresolved anemia despite iron supplementation.


    Stool test revealed some inflammation and bacterial imbalance. We changed the iron she was on and worked on improving gut bacteria composition using a food based approach. We also brought in a few supplemental tools to help support getting to remission. After 5 months of working together the patient much closer to her normal body weight and able to tolerate many foods that she wasn’t able to previously (even when in remission previously). Remission was achieved in month three. Another significant change was that she was able to navigate future flares with more ease. In her words “the flares feel like bumps in the road instead of mountains”. Overall symptom scores improved by 85%, gas and bloating improved by 95%, energy improved by 75% and mood improved by 67% at the 6 month mark.

    Quotes from Patient

    “I’m not opposed to doing medication when necessary so I was thankful that you what we incorporated could easily accommodate new medications. It’s nice to have more than one approach to treating my UC. I feel much more stable in my remission and better able to navigate flares”

    Severe Diarrhea, Reliant on Immodium to Finally off Imodium and with Normal Bowel Movements

    Case Study

    Patient had been dealing with severe diarrhea, urgency and not making it to the bathroom in time for over 10 years. She was on a high dose of Imodium daily for the past 7 years which led to constipation for most of the week and racing to the bathroom when the bowel movements did hit. Patient was also dealing with depression, unintentional weight gain and headaches weekly. She felt like she wasn’t getting “nourished” even though she tried to eat healthy which led to insatiable cravings often.


    Her testing showed low vitamin D levels and several low B vitamins. We worked on correcting deficiencies present, modifying the diet and working on strategies to improve digestive imbalances. By month five of our work together she was able to have normal bowel movements without Imodium for the first time in ten years. Patient also reported improvements in her mood and she started to enjoy cooking at home. She also reported 10 lbs of weight loss throughout the 6 months and was pleased that she didn’t have to “diet” to achieve that. She felt excited to be able to engage in social activities again without fear of having another bathroom issue. Patient has now been able to reintroduce many foods successfully. Headache frequency improved by 87%, diarrhea improved by 100%, bloating was 100% resolved, and energy improved by 74%.

    Quotes from Patient

    “Not being reliant on Imodium has been life changing for me! I also finally have figured out what dietary approach works best for me. I was also able to lose a few unwanted pounds without dieting and I feel like my relationship with food has improved and I’m enjoying cooking for the first time”

    Crohn's Disease Active for 12 Years to Finally Seeing Remission

    Case Study

    Patient came to me and said she had been in a flare for 12 years. She never recalled getting to a stable remission.


    In month three of our work together the patient was in remission. She had a colonoscopy mid-way through and her doctor saw no signs of inflammation or Crohn’s activity. She was excited to finally be in remission after 12 years of being in a flare state with uncomfortable bowel symptoms. She was also able to lose the unwanted weight without dieting and just practicing intuitive eating, mindfulness and supporting working on the “root issues”

    Quotes from Patient

    “I didn’t think this would happen for me so quickly. I also didn’t realize that the things I thought were “healthy” weren’t actually helping me. I appreciate the customized support that you offered and that you were able to meet me where I’m at. Also, the course modules are amazing- it’s inspired me to learn more about my own gut health”

    What working together looks like

    Personalized Nutrition Counseling

    Get beyond vague nutrition advice. We provide evidence-based tools and a customized plan.

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    Get customized support when you need it. Schedule a call or reach out through chat anytime.

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    Get Your Life Back

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    “My pain is completely resolved…

    When we first met I was throwing up several times of week due to pain and severe acid reflux. In our time together I was able to decrease my acid reflux meds in half at month three! And by month 6 my abdominal pain and acid reflux is completely resolved.


    “I was going 20-30 times a day…

    When I met Ashley I was going to the bathroom 20-30 times per day, losing blood and losing weight because of bad nausea. I was unable to leave the house which made life difficult. In the last few months we have been able to get to a much more stable place with no blood and no urgency.


    “Life changing…

    Meeting Ashley and following her ‘Food as Medicine’ approach has been life-changing for me.

    I was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease in addition to suffering with chronic inflammation. Her guidance based on scientific knowledge to healthier eating and supplement support of my micronutrient deficiencies has reduced my inflammation and helped keep my autoimmune symptoms at bay.

    Ashley is a great listener, easy to talk to, genuinely caring and able to apply her knowledge to help.


    “Within two weeks I noticed a difference…

    I went to Ashley with severe stomach issues after being blown off by numerous doctors. Within 2 weeks I noticed a difference and now 6 months later I feel like a whole new woman. I recommend anyone and everyone to visit her. She is very knowledgeable about food as medicine.She believes in healing her clients.


    “I’m now at my normal weight…

    I can’t believe how much has improved. When I first started working with Ashley I had lost over 25 lbs, was in a lot of pain and was pretty depressed after going to the ER several times without any answers. I’m now at my normal weight and am no longer in pain.


    “My UC is in remission!

    My UC is now in remission! I still have bumps in the road, but I now know what works best for my body and have a clear idea of what nutrition treatments are most effective. Thankful to finally be able to get back to running again.


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