Top Rated Crohn’s & Colitis Nutrition Care to Help You Reduce Symptoms with IBD

Medical nutrition therapy for those with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an effective treatment for symptom and inflammation reduction, amplifying the use of doctor-prescribed medication.

We are recognized for the exceptional evidence based care we provide for patients in the US and Canada and for the many ways we support patients with all different levels of support.

Crohn’s and Colitis Dietitians’ nutrition programs are tailored to your lifestyle, reducing stress, saving you time and energy, and increasing your confidence in supporting your IBD diagnosis. Embrace the life you want with a supportive, uplifting community. Together, we make it possible.

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We specialize in IBD:

  • RCrohn’s
  • RUlcerative Colitis
  • RIndeterminate IBD
  • RMicroscopic Colitis
  • RJ-Pouch
  • RPre/Post Surgery
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We’re a team of registered & licensed IBD dietitians who work:

  • RWith all ages 3+
  • R In all 50 states, Canada and internationally
  • RWith those just diagnosed to those with long term IBD
  • RWith severe, complex 1-on-1 cases
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Our Crohn’s & colitis clients have seen remarkable improvements:

  • RMore energy
  • RLess stress around food
  • RIncreased confidence in their food choices
  • RPeace within their nutrition plans
  • RAn expanded diet with a better understanding and management of trigger foods
  • RReduction in digestive symptoms
  • RSense of support & community around their IBD diagnosis

Our results speak for themselves

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Of those we work with report less stress around food, increasing their mindset and overall quality of life


Of those with fatigue see energy improvements in our 1:1 IBD nutrition therapy program


Reduction in gut-related symptoms, such as abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation

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Our patients often report feeling surprised at how many foods they thought were triggers they’ve added back into their diets

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Our patients additionally report ending their program feeling more confident with their food choices & more at peace with their nutrition plans

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We’re dietitians & advocates

Compassionate care where you feel seen & heard.

We know how hard IBD can be, and we make time for you to feel seen and heard where you are at. We know generic, out-of-touch guidance doesn’t help. So as licensed dietitians specialized in practicing medical nutrition therapy for IBD focus on providing you with the best of what we know works for your specific needs.

We aren’t your average dietitians.

As IBD patients ourselves, we are invested in helping to improve your quality of life. We know the pain of IBD personally and are committed to your results.

As a team we are “outside the box” thinkers and love to help those we work with step back and see the bigger picture. We help people feel less conflicted about what works and more at peace with their food choices.

We know food choices are stressful, so we do everything we can to make them easy.

We believe your nutrition plan should fit within your life, not the other way around. That’s why we recommend small changes, which can make a huge difference overtime. Our goal is for your nutrition plan to improve your quality of life… This includes preserving your own peace of mind.

Our values

A woman shouts happily with multiple chat bubbles around her head, IBD advocacy


We advocate for all IBD patients. For those we work with, we coordinate care with their providers and prepare them to better ask for what they need. We go above and beyond to connect everyone to their next best step – whether with us or someone else.

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Exceptional compassionate care

IBD can disrupt all aspects of life. The standard one-off sessions and generic handouts just don’t cut it. As patients, we deserve more. At Crohn’s and Colitis Dietitians, we make sure you leave feeling heard, empowered, and better able to tackle your IBD diagnosis.

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Our purpose extends beyond those we help directly. We want to deepen the collective knowledge on the importance of nutrition care in improving quality of life for those with IBD. We are funding and organizing our own research & contributing to others’ research in this space.

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Goodbye suppertime scaries. Hello newfound confidence around your food choices.

Are you stuck restricting your diet and feel like you only have a few “safe foods”? Our free 30-day Rainbow Challenge is an educational, fun and interactive game to expand your diet safely and without triggering too many symptoms.

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Here’s how medical nutrition therapy for Crohn’s & ulcerative colitis can help you

A 20-year IBD warrior experienced less symptoms & more clarity about what matters

  • Feeling seen by a team who truly gets it
  • Able to expand her diet
  • Able to see significant reduction in symptoms

This IBD patient significantly decreased inflammation & reduced symptoms in 3 months

  • Fecal calprotectin normalized in first 4 months
  • Decreased bowel movements & urgency
  • More clarity and less stress with food

This client improved energy, optimized their weight & restored appetite

  • Decreased bowel movements and frequency by 65%
  • Energy improved
  • Weight stabilized

This IBD warrior feels like they're a better mom, better wife, and more

  • Feels like she understands IBD and herself better
  • More confidence and energy and less stress
  • More clarity with food and diet
  • Reduced urgency from 10x a day to 0x a day
  • Able to sleep through the night
  • IBD no longer controls her life!

This client gained a completely different outlook on their diagnosis

  • Gained a complete understanding of the disease
  • Now has created a strategy of supplements, medications, diet and healthcare team
  • Reduced bloat
  • Now feels comfortable leaving the house

This IBD patient finally feels like they can be a "normal" person

  • Can eat food without fear!
  • Understands her diet and supplements now so she is nutritionally-sound
  • Stopped worrying about abdominal pain after eating
  • Improved acid reflux and IBD fatigue

This client feels better physically and mentally

  • Was able to expand their diet
  • More energy
  • Returned back to an optimal body weight
  • Feels more empowered with food