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Which Probiotics Help for IBD?

Probiotic letters

The Evidence for Probiotics in IBD In the last blog I discussed probiotic use in IBD and three considerations to consider before purchasing a probiotic. If you haven’t already- check it out. It will help break down the reasons why this topic can be so polarizing. In this blog I’ll provide an overview of some (but […]

Difference between IBS and IBD

woman in abdominal pain sitting on a couch with a blanket and glass of water

IBS and IBD: An Easy to Follow Breakdown How can you tell the difference between IBS and IBD? In short, IBS refers to irritation while IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) refers to chronic inflammation of the bowel which can cause widespread effects in the body. However, some people get confused with the terminology and key distinctions […]

Five Ways to Support Your Immune System

Five ways to support your immune system by ashley hurst image credit anna pelzer

Support for Your Immune System: The Basics While I think that supporting the immune system looks different for everyone, I think there are few key things that can be helpful in for additional support, especially during flu season. This can also be a helpful thing to do for more vulnerable populations and with higher exposure […]