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Stylized illustration of a woman eating from a bowl with her hand held up saying no to negative thoughts next to the Rainbow Challenge on an iPad

Rainbow Challenge

Are you stuck restricting your diet and feel like you only have a few “safe foods”? Our free 30-day Rainbow Challenge is an educational, fun and interactive game to expand your diet safely and without triggering too many symptoms.

Illustration of woman holding up a sheet of paper and speech bubbles around it next to two photo-realistic sheets of paper with cut-out inspirational messages on them

Daily Words of Inspiration

We all have bad days with IBD. As a pick me up, use these free inspirational message cut-outs to decorate your fridge, hang by your desk, place on your nightstand, or tape to the bathroom mirror.

Why Nutrition Matters Handout paired with an illustration of a man picking up puzzle pieces

Resources to Share with Your Healthcare Team

This getting started guide is helpful for you to understand how to navigate nutrition and IBD. More notably, it is an informative resource to share with your healthcare team.

Pediatric IBD guide cover on tablet with an illustration of a mother comforting her daughter

Guide to Pediatric IBD

We put together this free guide for parents and children navigating pediatric IBD in children and teens (ages 3-18). Get our top tips and areas of focus to start building a sustainable plan for your family and health.

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Low Cost Support

Newly Diagnosed with IBD? Start Here eBook


This 24-page eBook discusses the most important things for you to know right now about IBD so you feel more confident navigating upcoming doctor’s appointments, dietary changes, and IBD treatment options. We detail topics like,

  • Navigating your emotions after an IBD diagnosis
  • The difference between symptoms and inflammation (and why knowing this will help you decide on treatment plans and increase your chance of IBD remission)
  • Our ‘What to Eat with IBD’ Starter Guide, with an introduction to food allergies, food intolerances, and anti-inflammatory foods to add to your diet (plus pro-inflammatory foods you may want to avoid)
  • 13 specific lab tests to ask your GI for during your next appointment (and what these labs tell you about your IBD diagnosis and whether or not your treatment plan is working)
  • 10 written-for-you scripts to bring up common IBD issues with your doctor, such as safe medications for pregnancy, possible medication side effects or interactions, insurance coverage, and more
  • 12 helpful questions to ask during appointments so you can get the answers you need to find the best treatment plan for you

+ Journal prompts to guide you in this new diagnosis, from processing any anger or confusion you may feel to navigating anxiety around flares to building a good support system

+ A monthly, bi-annual, and annual checklist for your fridge to remember important things like insurance updates, scope preparations, ongoing lab markers, and auto-refill prescriptions

+ Inspirational message cut-outs to place on your fridge, desk, or bathroom mirror for friendly reminders and supportive boosts when you need them most

Gut-Friendly eCookbook and IBD Meal Plan


This one-week IBD meal plan doubles as a gut-friendly digital cookbook featuring 24 delicious meals to address common nutrient deficiencies, manage IBD symptoms, and promote remission.

This 42-page guide includes:

  • Important IBD nutrition myths and facts, including the key to tolerating more foods without symptoms and why certain fibers can actually help decrease inflammation
  • A done-for-you meal plan specifically created by IBD dietitians for people with IBD to help correct common nutrient deficiencies, manage IBD-related nausea and weight loss, decrease inflammation, and improve your chance of IBD remission
  • 24 IBD-friendly and gut-friendly recipes with pictures, prep time, cook time, ingredients, and step-by-step instructions! Each recipe also includes benefits for IBD and reasons to incorporate certain foods into your diet. This is super helpful for understanding how to use nutritional therapy as part of your IBD treatment plan!
  • Printable grocery list and shopping guide to implement your IBD meal plan and know exactly what to buy at the store, from snacks to grains to vegetables and more!

If you’re not sure what to eat with IBD or find it challenging to follow an IBD diet, this is your starting point. Use these recipes and follow this one-week meal plan to begin incorporating nutritional therapy into your treatment plan to manage and feel better with IBD!

How to Reduce Symptoms with IBD: Dietary Fiber


You might be surprised to know that no reputable organizations in the world of IBD say to eat low fiber long term to support inflammation reduction! In fact, most say the opposite. Including dietary fiber for those with IBD is possible, and actually… It’s recommended! 

If you are looking for ways to expand your diet safely and even help reduce your symptoms – this guide is for YOU!

In this 27-page guide, we will cover:

  • Why we don’t use low residue or low fodmap diets with IBD
  • New tools to help with digesting high fodmap foods
  • The top myths about fiber and why it’s misunderstood
  • Learn the surprising truth about fiber & why we need it with IBD
  • Find out the top ways we help our patients tolerate fiber better
  • How to have beans with less symptoms (yes, beans!)
  • Tips on navigating strictures & other complications
  • Some truths that will ease your food fears
  • The big picture on what to eat with IBD & fiber

How to Improve Energy in IBD: Improve your IBD fatigue with nutrition


Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms in people with IBD. This 31-page eBook highlights the main causes of fatigue in IBD and practical steps you can take to improve your energy levels… so you have more energy to heal, spend time with loved ones, and do the things you love! This eBook details topics like:

  • The 5 Biggest Causes of Fatigue in IBD, including both the dietary and lifestyle factors that contribute to low energy levels, and specific steps you can take to feel better through nutrition, sleep and more!
  • Are You Eating Enough? This eBook answers questions like… How much protein should you be eating? How much water should you be drinking? Why does it feel like your body isn’t absorbing food or like you’re not getting energy from what you eat? 
  • The Truth About Sleep and IBD Fatigue, including how to address common sleep problems like nocturnal bowel movements, restless legs, pain, and medicine-related insomnia
  • The 7 Signs of Low Protein Intake & The 7 Signs of Dehydration (and why protein and fluid intake are important factors in improving energy levels in people with IBD)
  • Best Supplements and Brands for Fatigue (all IBD dietitian-approved!)

+ 4 energy-related lab tests to ask for during your next doctor appointment and what these markers tell you about the how to full address and improve your energy levels

+ 6 strategies to improve the quantity and quality of your sleep so that you wake up better rested and give your body enough time to recover and heal

+ 1 dietitian-approved sports drink recipe so you get enough electrolytes without upsetting your stomach or making your symptoms worse

+ Simple calculations to understand how much fluids, protein, and electrolytes you need daily so you feel confident you’re giving your body what it needs to heal, feel good, and have more energy!

How to Know If You’re In Remission Webinar


In this 1 hour and 20 minute webinar, we discuss:

  • Why nutrition matters with IBD
  • What is the goal of treatment
  • How do you know if you are in remission
  • What are the four types of remission
  • Food triggers
  • The difference between inflammation and symptoms
  • What to eat for IBD

Get the full video replay!

+ our presentation slide deck

+ our IBD Starter Guide handout, featuring tips for navigating conflicting information online, how to make foods flare friendly, and research to share with your doctor or GI regarding nutrition and IBD

Gluten & IBD: Everything You Need to Know Webinar


In this 1 hour and 20 minute webinar, we discuss:

  • A deeper dive on what we know and about gluten & IBD

  • Who is more at risk for celiac & gluten intolerance

  • How to navigate non-celiac gluten sensitivity

  • Listener questions on this topic

Get the full video replay!

+ our presentation slide deck

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