Resources & Low Cost Support

Stylized illustration of a woman eating from a bowl with her hand held up saying no to negative thoughts next to the Rainbow Challenge on an iPad

Rainbow Challenge

Are you stuck restricting your diet and feel like you only have a few “safe foods”? Our free 30-day Rainbow Challenge is an educational, fun and interactive game to expand your diet safely and without triggering too many symptoms.

Illustration of woman holding up a sheet of paper and speech bubbles around it next to two photo-realistic sheets of paper with cut-out inspirational messages on them

Daily Words of Inspiration

We all have bad days with IBD. As a pick me up, use these free inspirational message cut-outs to decorate your fridge, hang by your desk, place on your nightstand, or tape to the bathroom mirror.

Why Nutrition Matters Handout paired with an illustration of a man picking up puzzle pieces

Resources to Share with Your Healthcare Team

This getting started guide is helpful for you to understand how to navigate nutrition and IBD. More notably, it is an informative resource to share with your healthcare team.

Low Cost Support

Newly Diagnosed with IBD? Start Here eBook


This 24-page eBook discusses all things IBD and what you need to know about the disease. We detail topics like,

  • Stages of IBD Grief
  • IBD Remission
  • What to eat with IBD
  • Reducing IBD symptoms with nutrition
  • IBD medication Q’s
  • Labs to ask your GI for and conversation starters to help navigate your experience
  • What to do when your doctor says nutrition doesn’t matter…
  • Questions to ask at your next doctor’s appointment

+ Journal prompts to help guide you in this new diagnosis

+ A monthly, bi-annual, and annual checklist for your fridge

+ Inspirational message cut-outs to place on your fridge, desk, or bathroom mirror

One Week Gut-Friendly IBD Meal Plan


This 42-page IBD meal plan guide features:

  • IBD nutrition myths and facts
  • A weekly overview of our meal plan
  • 20+ IBD-friendly and gut-friendly recipes (with pictures, cook time, ingredients, instructions, and food spotlights!)
  • A grocery list and shopping guide to help you implement the meal plan

Not sure what to eat with IBD? This is your starting point.

How to Know If You’re In Remission Webinar


In this 1 hour and 20 minute webinar, we discuss:

  • Why nutrition matters with IBD
  • What is the goal of treatment
  • How do you know if you are in remission
  • What are the four types of remission
  • Food triggers
  • The difference between inflammation and symptoms
  • What to eat for IBD

Get the full video replay!

+ our presentation slide deck

+ our IBD Starter Guide handout, featuring tips for navigating conflicting information online, how to make foods flare friendly, and research to share with your doctor or GI regarding nutrition and IBD

Gluten & IBD: Everything You Need to Know Webinar


In this 1 hour and 20 minute webinar, we discuss:

  • A deeper dive on what we know and about gluten & IBD

  • Who is more at risk for celiac & gluten intolerance

  • How to navigate non-celiac gluten sensitivity

  • Listener questions on this topic

Get the full video replay!

+ our presentation slide deck