Does IBD affect menstrual health?

woman with ibd holding stomach with menstrual cramps

IBD can have a far-reaching effect on all aspects of everyday life. And for female IBD patients, the menstrual cycle is often no exception. The sex hormones that dictate a woman’s menstrual cycle are delicately balanced, and they can be disrupted easily whether you’re an IBD sufferer or not. However, IBD comes with several symptoms […]

Traveling with IBD

woman with IBD traveling with a map in hand

Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) can be challenging. You may develop routines and strategies to help manage your symptoms  – especially when it comes to food and drink. But what about when you travel? Travel can take you out of your routine and out of your comfort zone. If you’re traveling with IBD, this […]

The link between sleep and IBD

woman with IBD sleeping in bed with eye cover

Sleep is a basic human need, yet in the non-stop world we live in, it’s somehow become seen as somewhat of a luxury. The bottom line is that we need good quality sleep to function at our best, be healthy and live well. Yet the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that up […]

Our Top Tips for Colonoscopies

chalkboard with colonoscopy tips

A colonoscopy is an effective way for doctors to see what’s going on inside your bowel. Nonetheless, it’s a prospect that most find pretty intimidating.  If you’re someone with Crohn’s or Colitis, you’ll probably be no stranger to colonoscopies. You may have undergone the procedure during your diagnosis journey, or get colonoscopies every one to […]

Alcohol and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): What You Should Know

people clicking alcoholic drinks together to cheers

If you have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) knowing what foods and drinks affect you and your symptoms can feel like a guessing game. Foods are often the most common focus, but if you have IBD you may wonder if avoiding alcohol would help manage your condition better. Like many things with IBD, the answer can […]

Fertility and Pregnancy in IBD

woman with IBD at the doctor discussing fertility

Living with IBD can be incredibly difficult. Not only does it have a physical impact on the body, but it also affects those living with it emotionally too. Some of the most important yet lesser discussed aspects of life that IBD impacts are body image, sexual intimacy, and fertility. These subjects can be difficult to […]

Diet For Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Your diet can take you a long way in managing IBD. Dietary patterns can help in reducing inflammation and also with symptom management. A good nutrition plan includes dietary and supplemental strategies that complement your plan with your GI.  It might feel like coming up with the best eating plan might be a challenge. You […]

IBD Nutrition and Mental Health

two women discussing their mental health and ibd

IBD is not caused by stress or mental health issues, but it is intrinsically linked to mental health.  Living with a chronic disease such as Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis is mentally challenging in itself. Unpleasant symptoms and constant management undeniably add extra stress to your daily life.  But stress, anxiety, and depression can increase and […]