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How Do You Fix an IBD Flare?

how to fix an IBD flare

An Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) flare is a scary spot to be in. We often want to immediately fix an IBD flare with the quickest solutions possible so we can get back to our normal lives. I’m sure you can imagine that that isn’t always doable and our best bet is to help our bodies […]

Soy and IBD: A Comprehensive Review

soy and ibd

The common question of, “is soy bad for IBD?” comes up a lot in our practice. We understand that tofu can come with concerns like hormonal imbalances and even how much should be consumed overall.  We wanted to address the most common concerns regarding soy and IBD, while placing emphasis on its health benefits with […]

START HERE- What We Recommend and Why (*newly updated)

A group of friends laugh together and eat a spread of food outside on a rooftop, Crohn's and Colitis Dietitians nutrition therapy for IBD

Why We Have Our Own Method Feel free to look through all of the diets & our comprehensive assessment of each. Through interacting and working with thousands of IBD patients, we have come up with our own method that condenses the most evidence backed and most effective strategies to help those with IBD- 1) Reduce […]

SCD for IBD: Everything You Need to Know About The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

specific carbohydrate diet for IBD

It’s finally here! A blog post on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) for IBD. We recently covered the Carnivore Diet for IBD as well!  The SCD diet is frequently discussed in medical circles as a form of medical nutrition therapy for Crohn’s. It’s also one that we frequently hear questions about from our clients and […]

Is the Carnivore Diet Good For Ulcerative Colitis?

The Carnivore Diet

With a simple Google search of “is the Carnivore Diet good for Ulcerative Colitis” you will find plenty of anecdotal evidence being used by people like Shawn Baker and other low-carb enthusiasts advocating for the Carnivore Diet for IBD. But, is it true? Shawn Baker, a medical doctor, whose license was revoked in New Mexico […]

The Ultimate IBD Holiday Gift Guide

ultimate IBD holiday gift guide

What do you get someone with Crohn’s or Colitis for the holidays? Wonder no more, we have you covered with the ultimate IBD holiday gift guide! We have curated the best list of IBD friendly products to show your loved ones with Crohn’s and Colitis how much you care.  This list contains some of our […]

Pediatric IBD? What Every Parent Needs To Know If You Have A Child With IBD

pediatric IBD

Pediatric IBD is scary for any parent to navigate, especially if the parent doesn’t have any prior knowledge or experience with the disease. We have seen these challenges first hand with our clients and want to provide some words of comfort and wisdom.  IBD in pediatric populations is growing worldwide, with about 20-25% of diagnoses […]

Got Iron Deficiency? Everything You Need to Know About Iron 

iron deficiency

Got Iron Deficiency? Everything You Need to Know About Iron  Understanding iron can be confusing at times since there are multiple markers that are looked at to define our iron status. As IBD patients, we know that our condition can lead to multiple nutritional deficiencies, including iron deficiency with or without anemia.   There are many […]

Nutrients to Consider When Preparing for Pregnancy in IBD

Pregnancy in IBD

Nutrients to Consider When Preparing for Pregnancy in IBD Many of our clients come to us to discuss preparing for pregnancy in IBD, and for good reason! The pre-pregnancy window is a great opportunity to improve nutrient status, especially because early pregnancy is typically met with side effects like nausea and food aversions, making it […]

Top Three Reasons to do Regular Colonoscopies with IBD

medical procedure referral for a colonoscopy

Top Three Reasons to do Regular Colonoscopies with IBD Whether you were recently diagnosed with IBD, have been told about the possibility of having IBD, or are curious about the colonoscopy procedure itself, then keep reading! We provide the top three reasons to do regular colonoscopies with IBD.  First off, what is a colonoscopy? Colonoscopies […]