The Ultimate IBD Holiday Gift Guide

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What do you get someone with Crohn’s or Colitis for the holidays? Wonder no more, we have you covered with the ultimate IBD holiday gift guide! We have curated the best list of IBD friendly products to show your loved ones with Crohn’s and Colitis how much you care. 

This list contains some of our most favorite products that help support those with IBD. We recommend these products often and use many of them ourselves on a daily basis. 

Our top 5 Ultimate IBD products

Ultimate IBD Gift Guide

Heating Pad

IBD often causes abdominal pain that can even radiate to the back, making it uncomfortable to rest and sleep. A great heating pad can be a perfect solution! Try a heating pad applied to the abdomen next time you are feeling crampy. Bonus points if you find one with your loved one’s favorite food item like this avocado heating pad!

Travel Bag

Another favorite travel essential is a small travel bag to house medications in. This bag has a nifty ice pack to keep things cool too. We always recommend meds be taken with you in your carry-on while traveling and these handy bags make that easy to do. 

IV Hoodie 

These BeWell hoodies are perfect for staying cozy on infusion or lab draw days. We love that this company is founded by a fellow IBD warrior that has to navigate the same challenges you do. Grab a hoodie or two and check out the rest of their awesome, IBD-friendly products! 

Toiletry Kit

 This Carhartt toiletry kit is an awesome addition to your IBD travel essentials. A little bag like this can be so helpful in keeping toiletries in one place so they can quickly be thrown in a larger bag for on-the-go needs. For even more personalization, have it embroidered with an initial or name! 

NEW! Crohn’s and Colitis Dietitians Apparel  

Represent your IBD in a fun or inspiring way through these fun, new designs! Who doesn’t love more clothes at Christmas?

The rest of our favorite products are listed below!  

  1. Poo-pourri to keep things smelling fresh!
  2. Olipop! A great source of fiber and a fun mocktail for the festive season – use code GUTLOVE for 15% off
  3. How to Reduce Symptoms with IBD Ebook
  4. Siete snacks
  5. Squatty potty for the ultimate elimination
  6. Blender for better smoothies and soups
  7. Cure Hydration Electrolytes, use code IBDLOVE for a discount
  8. Our CCRB course – perfect for anyone newly diagnosed! 
  9. High quality supplements
  10. Sitz bath to help soothe irritated skin and anal fissures 
  11. Silicone bags to reduce waste
  12. Hydroflask to help you stay motivated to stay hydrated
  13. Pill box for organized medication use 
  14. Lunch box to help you reach your nutrition goals in 2024
  15. Planner to keep you organized 
  16. Sheet pans – we all need new ones right?
  17. Calm app or Nerva app to help calm those anxious thoughts 
  18. Weighted blanket for anxious nights 
  19. Gratitude Journal
  20. True & Co undies
  21. Sassy IBD Hoodie to show your IBD community love 
  22. The coziest socks for cold and comfy days
  23. Bring Spa night to you with this gorgeous bath tray
  24. Mindfulness cards (great to have on hand)
  25. GoMacro Bars for on-the-go snacks 
  26. Tea steeper for all your favorite teas
  27. High quality Matcha for yummy lattes
  28. Cutting boards for quality time in the kitchen 
  29. Hu chocolate for antioxidants and deliciousness 
  30. Cooling pillow for those uncomfortable nights 

We always want to hear about the products and companies you love. So be sure to let us know in the comments! 

We are so honored to have worked with so many wonderful humans in the IBD community. We celebrate every single one of you as we wrap up the end of another great year. If you are ready for more support on your IBD journey, please reach out and schedule a no-pressure call to discuss ways we can support you in the new year! 

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