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Why Do Nutrients Get Low in IBD?

why do nutrients get low in IBD?

In an effort to provide you with high quality information and help you understand your Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) better, we wanted to discuss the why behind nutrient deficiencies. Today we will take a look at why nutrients get low in IBD.  IBD is a chronic illness that affects the digestive tract and presents itself […]

Why Does IBD Make Me So Tired?

fatigue in IBD

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had a long history of IBD, it is almost certain that you have asked the question, “Why does IBD make me so tired?!” to your friends, family, and health care team. In today’s blog post we discuss the top reasons for fatigue in IBD and actionable items you […]

Pediatric IBD? What Every Parent Needs To Know If You Have A Child With IBD

pediatric IBD

Pediatric IBD is scary for any parent to navigate, especially if the parent doesn’t have any prior knowledge or experience with the disease. We have seen these challenges first hand with our clients and want to provide some words of comfort and wisdom.  IBD in pediatric populations is growing worldwide, with about 20-25% of diagnoses […]

Got Iron Deficiency? Everything You Need to Know About Iron 

iron deficiency

Got Iron Deficiency? Everything You Need to Know About Iron  Understanding iron can be confusing at times since there are multiple markers that are looked at to define our iron status. As IBD patients, we know that our condition can lead to multiple nutritional deficiencies, including iron deficiency with or without anemia.   There are many […]

Nutrients to Consider When Preparing for Pregnancy in IBD

Pregnancy in IBD

Nutrients to Consider When Preparing for Pregnancy in IBD Many of our clients come to us to discuss preparing for pregnancy in IBD, and for good reason! The pre-pregnancy window is a great opportunity to improve nutrient status, especially because early pregnancy is typically met with side effects like nausea and food aversions, making it […]

Top Three Reasons to do Regular Colonoscopies with IBD

medical procedure referral for a colonoscopy

Top Three Reasons to do Regular Colonoscopies with IBD Whether you were recently diagnosed with IBD, have been told about the possibility of having IBD, or are curious about the colonoscopy procedure itself, then keep reading! We provide the top three reasons to do regular colonoscopies with IBD.  First off, what is a colonoscopy? Colonoscopies […]

Similarities and Differences Between IBS and IBD

doctor holding diagram of intestines

IBS vs IBD: Their Similarities and Differences Explained Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) are both extremely painful gastrointestinal disorders. They are often confused with one another due to the similarities in their names and the fact that they share some common symptoms. However, these two conditions are vastly different in many […]

Living a Quality Life With IBD

Happy family at home supporting family members suffering from IBD by managing their food and dietary intake.

Living with IBD might be daunting, but if your symptoms are effectively controlled many people are able to get back to the things they loved doing before their diagnosis. Many people require a specialized diet to help regulate symptoms well. Modifying diet and nutrition can be very helpful to ward off frequent discomforts. What is […]