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8 best apps to manage IBD

One of the main blocks that people newly diagnosed with IBD have to overcome is accepting that it’s a chronic disease. This means IBD is a lifelong condition that must be consistently managed to keep symptoms to a minimum, feel your best, and live life to the full.

This can understandably feel very overwhelming. But while Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis can’t be cured, rest assured that there are many avenues of support that those with IBD can access. One of these avenues is apps to manage IBD. 

There’s an app for everything these days, from tracking your sleep to productivity timers and much more. You may be surprised (and hopefully pleased!) to know that there are also a whole host of apps for helping you manage IBD. These range from symptom management apps, to trackers and analyzers – plus lots of support on the gut-brain axis.

While we wouldn’t recommend only seeking support for your Crohn’s or Colitis via apps, we do encourage you to give them a go and see if they work for you. They could well become an important supporting feature in your IBD management plan. 

It’s all part of advocating for yourself with IBD and accessing all the help available to you.

Here are our top recommendations for apps to manage IBD…

IBD symptom management apps


There’s no hiding from the fact that bowel movements are a key indicator when understanding your IBD triggers and symptoms. Tracking and analyzing your poop may perhaps not be the most pleasant thing ever, but it is a valuable tool.

PCal records your toilet habits while using the Bristol Stool Scale to analyze what your poop could say about your current health and IBD status. This can help you to identify if certain triggers or foods are affecting your symptoms.

We Can’t Wait: Restroom Access App

Those who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease know how important it is to have appropriate restrooms available when you’re out and about. IBD shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you enjoy – and simple tools like this can be a great help.

We Can’t Wait allows users to easily locate public restrooms, including those that have been identified as being sympathetic to IBD patients. Overall this is a really useful app that can make a big difference to managing your IBD successfully while on the go.


Poopmaster is an app for managing IBD that has been specifically designed for those with Crohn’s or Colitis.

It’s another toilet tracker, but more basic than PCal, with simple tracking options and icons to represent different scenarios, such as blood in stool or diarrhea.

Apps for IBD tracking

IBD Manager from AGA

This app is a handy way to store everything you need to record your IBD journey. We’re never far away from our phones, therefore it’s often a convenient and secure way to access all important information.

IBD Manager incorporates a daily journal, food log, IBD score, and more. Regular use will provide your care team with relevant and comprehensive information at your next visit.


If you don’t get along with IBD Manager, as we all have different app preferences, give myColitis a try. 

This is another tracking app that makes it easy to input a wealth of information relating to your Crohn’s or Colitis experience, including bowel movements, moods, symptoms, medications, and more.

Gut-Brain Axis Support

While personality type or stress do not cause IBD directly in the short term (see more IBD myths here!), there’s no denying that your mental state can impact your symptoms and risk of flare in the long term. 

Stress can both contribute to an IBD flare-up, and occur as a result of one – having the potential to lead to a debilitating vicious cycle. Consequently, looking after your mental wellbeing is just as important as taking care of your physical health.

Luckily, there are several wellbeing apps that can help you manage your IBD. These include…


Mahana is an exciting new app that’s all about creating a healthier connection between your brain and gut. It’s primarily aimed at those with IBS, but IBD sufferers may also find it useful.

The app utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy to minimize IBS symptoms in a safe, quick, and clinically proven way. Short lessons, goal-setting tools, and techniques such as guided meditations are all designed to help you establish healthy habits and enjoy fewer symptoms.


You’ve probably already heard of this highly-rated app. 

Calm is ranked at the #1 app for sleep and meditation. It’s packed full of tools to help you quieten your mind, relax, breathe better and overall live a more balanced lifestyle with mental wellbeing at the forefront.


Nerva is similar to Mahana, in that it’s an app designed for managing IBS, but this time via gut-directed hypnotherapy.

It focuses on the psychological causes of irritable bowel syndrome over external causes such as food, and aims to heal what they describe as the “miscommunication between your gut and brain”.

If you give these IBS focused apps a try, it’s important to keep the differences between IBD and IBS in mind and remember that these will be complementary to your IBD management plan, rather than your sole source of support.

Get the IBD support you deserve

We truly hope you will find these apps for managing IBD beneficial. At Crohn’s and Colitis Dietitians, we know first-hand how the cliche of knowledge is power rings true when managing your IBD.

Understanding your personal triggers and tracking symptoms over time are key to feeling more prepared at your next doctor visit and being able to take action quickly if you do notice new symptoms pop up. These apps for managing IBD can help you to do this.

But IBD apps should never be your only source of support and knowledge. 

Our team of Crohn’s and Colitis experts are here for you. Our tailored nutrition plans and IBD programs are all designed to help you enjoy a better quality of life.

Get in touch today to get the IBD support you deserve.

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