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Today’s post is for those of you who are thinking about working with me but perhaps would like a bit of help deciding whether you should pursue my group program or work with me one on one instead. 


Today’s post is for those of you who are thinking about working with me but perhaps would like a bit of help deciding whether you should pursue my group program or work on one one instead.


Let’s Start With The Similarities 


I have two different ways I support those seeking Crohn’s and Colitis nutrition guidance- one on one consultations and a hybrid group program with a course. 


Given the fact that they are both designed with the best outcomes for the IBD patient in mind, they have a number of similarities:


  • Both actually include multiple levels of support throughout
  • Both routes incorporate evidence backed strategies for helping you get to remission
  • Both incorporate my professional expertise and personal experience
  • Both are a great way to get started with a solid plan for nutrition specific to your IBD


But what makes them different, and how do you know which to choose for yourself?

Let’s go through both more closely to help you find out.


IBD Complete Remission Program (One On One, 6 Months)


I developed this 1-on-1 program specifically for those who feel that they need a good amount of support.


It’s ideal for those in a flare that have never received a solid nutrition plan before. 


This program includes multiple levels of support from twice (or more) monthly sessions, an individualized treatment plan, anytime chat, testing and tons of learning at your own pace written modules.  


Do the statements below resonate with you? 

-I’m in a bad flare now

-Support and having a plan are more important than cost right now

-I’ve been in a flare for over 1 year

-I have multiple conditions

-I have chronic low vitamin D and anemia

-I’m down to only 3-5 foods I can consume comfortably

-I am dealing with nausea daily 

-I’ve had weight loss of greater than 10 lbs

-I need support and frequent contact

-I’d like to be able to ask questions on a weekly basis

-I’d like a customized treatment plan specific to me

-I’m overwhelmed by group programs, I prefer individual attention

-I want meal plans or meal support (ideas, recipes)

-I’ve had a hospital stay in the last 3-6 months


If you said yes to one or more of the above, you may be a good candidate for one on one support and the extra care, guidance and oversight that we can offer in that capacity.


Want to chat further? Schedule a free call here.


We can go over some initial thoughts and the details of 1:1 work and what that would look like for you.


The Crohn’s & Colitis Remission Blueprint (3 Individual Consults, Live Group Q&A, Learning Modules)


The Crohn’s & Colitis Remission Blueprint is a hybrid program that is for those people who want to get some answers while also seeing what they can do on their own. 


This program offers: concise (3-10 minute) learning modules, group Q&A calls (which are recorded) and two individual sessions to help you customize the guidance you get in the modules.


The group calls are recorded for those unable to attend due to work or time zone issues. You can even send in your questions ahead of time to make sure you get them answered.


Since a significant portion of the program is either pre-recorded or recorded live for future use, it is highly suitable for people from all over the world regardless of time zone.


You’ll get the opportunity to learn what works for IBD alongside other Crohn’s and Colitis warriors (aka group member!).


Do the statements below resonate with you?

-I don’t feel ready to commit to 1:1 work

-Price is more important than support to me

-If the program is a fit for me I can afford $417/month or $1250 total

-I prefer a learn at your own pace approach

-I am interested in learning about evidence backed IBD nutrition

-I am highly motivated to incorporate what I learn

-I just need 1-2 calls to ask questions about what I learn

-I like the idea of doing things in community

-I have 30 minutes a week to spend learning what works for IBD

-I want to upgrade my current treatment plan

-I’d like to get access to new IBD nutrition research that’s easy to understand

-I don’t need lots of contact

-I want meal ideas, they don’t need to be individualized

-My IBD is somewhat managed but I am still symptomatic


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may be a better candidate for the group program.

Feel free to apply to be in the next group here.


Still Can’t Decide? 


The biggest differences between the two programs are the cost involved and the level of personalized support received. 


While we offer payment plans in either case, the group program is by far the most affordable option and is currently available for as low as $417/month. 


When it comes to the level of personalized support you will receive, the 1:1 program is the clear winner since it’s tailored for a minimum 3-6 month duration with numerous check-in calls.


Whichever you choose to pursue, know you will be in good hands and receiving the best possible guidance and care.




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