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Support available to those with IBD


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Throughout the course of one’s journey with IBD, different types of support will be needed. And seeing as we (Ashley and Danielle) have had IBD for quite some time, we wanted to make sure all the bases are covered for our fellow IBD warriors! 

If you are feeling lost with IBD, check out the sources below for some support 💜

Foundations & Community

Sometimes it can feel lonely when you have IBD and finding support with likeminded people through the foundations can help one feel less alone. Volunteering, support groups, or browsing the site to understand you aren’t the only one experiencing this is one way to bring comfort to your experience. 

For Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation 

For Crohn’s and Colitis Canada


If insurance is being difficult or if you are looking for a less expensive way to purchase prescribed medications, visit the CostPlus website to see if your medication is available. 

Mesalamine, a common medication prescribed for IBD, retails at $766.50 and is available on CostPlus for $28.70. 

View the website here!


GoHere: Washroom Locator – available in Canada – helps the user locate bathrooms nearby to limit anxiety and accidents.

Bathroom Scout – find access to bathrooms worldwide! 

My IBD Manager from the American Gastroenterological Association – track symptoms, keep a food diary, and more.

Helpful Blogs

Wondering if IBD is a disability? View our blog on helpful tips to get started.

Are you curious about fiber and IBD? Check out the blog on the low residue diet for clarity and evidence-based facts on fiber and nutrition!

Mental Health

Did you know that the gut and brain share a connection through the vagus nerve? So a stressed and anxious mind could lead to a stressed and anxious gut. 

The clinicians at GI Psychology:Mind Your Gut work with children, adolescents, and adults with varying degrees of gastrointestinal disease. Visit their website to learn more about the services they offer.

Nutrition Support

Nutrition can be a very important piece in reducing symptoms and decreasing your risk of flare in the long term. Also, working with an IBD focused dietitian can help decrease your risk of nutrient deficiencies (as well as help to correct them), decrease fear around food, and provide you with recipes to keep things interesting in the kitchen!

If you would like nutrition support, check out our website for more.