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Eating the Rainbow: RED Foods

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We did a deep dive on our blog this week on “Rainbow Foods” so I thought I’d add some special insights on a color each week here on the library!

Red colored foods tend to be some of the highest vitamin C-containing foods such as tomatoes, pomegranate, raspberries bell peppers and tomatoes (1). Foods rich in vitamin C offer immune system supportive benefits and vitamin C can also help support proper absorption of iron.

Nutrition Uses:

  • Add in vitamin C rich foods when anemic to help iron absorption.
  • In those with high blood pressure – beets were shown to help decrease inflammation & have many heart health benefits (3).
  • Tomatoes have an anti-inflammatory impact that is enhanced with the use of oil – we like cold pressed olive oil since it’s also a rich source of oleic acid (4).
  • Strawberries have been shown to decrease pain in those with osteoarthritis (2).

Plant Compounds found in red foods: Anthocyanins, quercetin, betalains, carotenoids, ellagic acid, ellagitannins, flavones, lycopene, phloretin, quercetin

Try it out: The Red Smoothie

Try frozen beets + frozen raspberries + a banana in a smoothie – smoothies are better tolerated than consuming it as is. Add a splash of soy milk if you want to increase the protein.

Keep in mind beets can change the color of the stool to more of a redish tint (sometimes this can be scary to see if you’ve got IBD) but it’s a normal experience with beets.

If you make the smoothie- tag us in it on instagram @crohns_and_colitis_dietitian


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