Introducing the Crohn’s and Colitis Dietitians Library

A quick-search way for you to find the information you need about IBD

Have you ever wished you could have a search engine that only  gave you the latest, most accurate, evidence-based information about IBD nutrition?

If so, we have great news.

Now you can get access to our entire library of searchable information, recipes, tools, and resources to help you get relief from Crohn’s and Colitis symptoms.

In this library, you’ll get instant access to things like:

What you can eat to relieve your symptoms
Recipes for flare-friendly meals
Probiotics and other supplements
How stress affects your symptoms
Why you don’t need severely restrictive diets to feel better
How to integrate nutrition into your medical treatment plan
…and much more!

Why Not Just Use Google?


Here at Crohn’s and Colitis dietitians, we specialize in working with patients who have IBD.

What we’ve heard again and again is that our patients get frustrated when they try to search for nutrition information online.

Most of what you find about nutrition and IBD in regular search is anecdotal, out of date, or contradictory – and sometimes it’s all three!

Wading through all this information can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re struggling with symptoms and you just want to feel better.

With our Crohn’s and Colitis Dietitian’s Library, you’ll get only the most up-to-date, curated, evidence-based information about nutrition and IBD, straight from dietitians who specialize in digestive conditions.

What’s Included in This Library?


When you get access to the Crohn’s and Colitis dietitian’s Library, you’ll get a searchable online tool where you can enter any topic and get back articles, videos, recipes, and other content that are related to that topic.

If you’d rather browse the available topics, you can do that too! Just click on any topic in the navigation area to find the information you need.

Ready to get fast, easy access to up-to-date, evidence-based answers to your biggest questions about IBD and nutrition?

Get started today!

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