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When Do You Need to Use Electrolytes? +Top Picks

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Ok, so I’ve done a deep dive recently to figure out what my favorite rehydration strategies are. It had been a while since I revisited this- and wow I was excited for all the new products that are on the market now. Now there are way more options other than just Pedialyte. On this journey of finding my favorites for you- I taste tested many options and put them to the test in workouts too. We even got some discount codes you can use for our favorites- so enjoy! Let me know what you think!


When do You Need to Use Electrolytes?

Dehydration can happen when in an IBD flare, during workouts or even just being in the summer heat. Those of us with IBD may be at increased risk for dehydration too. Here are some reasons why we might suggest electrolyte replacement or support below and an assessment of the top electrolyte products we found.

Our Top Picks for Electrolyte Replacement or Support:

I’ve arranged these in order of level of electrolyte replacement. Level 1 is for those in high demand of electrolytes. Level 2 is for mild to moderate need for electrolytes. Level 3 is more of a support rather than replacement to help you meet hydration needs. There are descriptions below each and our top picks for electrolyte replacement are linked.

Level 1- Urgent – High Need for Electrolyte Replacement: Pedialyte/Earthlands Best + Medical Care

I’m mentioning this because there might be times when you can’t replace electrolytes on your own and need professional support and monitoring. If you find you are feeling off and your regular electrolyte replacement isn’t keeping up- you may need to get further care. If you can’t eat regularly, have a fever or can’t tolerate things with a lot of flavor – standard clear Pedialyte or Earthlands Best electrolyte drinks might be a good option for you.

Level 2- Mild to Moderate Need for Electrolyte Replacement: CURE Hydration

Some major pro’s with this one:

  • It’s based on the World Health Organizations ORS formula – proven to hydrate as well as an IV drip!
  • It’s gluten free, kosher and vegan
  • It’s appropriate for ages 1 and up (kid friendly flavors too!)
  • You can use HSA/FSA to cover it
  • It’s versatile- You can use it for high hydration needs or as a pick me up
  • They offer travel friendly options too
  • I taste tested most of their flavors – and it’s by far my favorite rehydration go-to now!
  • We have a code for you! Use code IBDLOVE for 20% off, Check it out HERE.

When you might want to consider using it:

  • If you’ve got diarrhea more than 3x/day- but also suitable without diarrhea
  • I like CURE for hydration replacement during workouts that are 1 hour or more or shorter workouts that are more difficult
  • CURE might be a good option if you are noticing dehydration related fatigue

Level 3- Mild Need for Electrolyte Support: NOOMA

Some great pro’s with this one:

  • They have a lot of different flavors and products to choose from
  • I didn’t like all of their flavors – however I did find one that surprised me – Mint Chocolate. I know – it sounds weird for an electrolyte drink but it was so good!
  • If you want to try it- Use code ASHLEY-H30 for 30% off, Check it out HERE.

When you might want to consider using it:

  • You might not need electrolyte replacement but support could be helpful with reducing fatigue
  • This type of support may be helpful for helping you meet hydration needs if you find water boring
  • Maybe you’ve had diarrhea here and there but it’s not watery and less than <1-2x/day
  • You are finding you are active more or outside with mild to moderate sweat loss

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