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What we learned at DDW (digestive disease week)

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We have a podcast coming out in a few weeks – I totally suggest checking it out. We interview Danielle (our Canadian dietitian) and discuss what we learned at DDW and what it was like to ALL (minus a few) meet for the first time!

Personally, I (ashley) learned where I want to put more effort in the coming years. As always, I was encouraged and motivated by the amount of effort and care for people who have IBD. So much nutrition research was available at this conference and I’m excited to be able to contribute in this space in the next 5 years (more on this on my solo podcast). Another lingering note for me was that I was encouraged to see more IBD focused dietitians coming out to these conferences. There truly aren’t a lot of us yet, but I know this will change in the coming years and that is something we also want to be a part of supporting as well as a company.

Some facts that really left a mark on me were the impact of IBD on people of color:

    • 3 million adults in the US have IBD (Crohn’s/UC specifically)
    • Black and brown patients with iron deficiency anemia and diarrhea (suspected IBD) are 91% less likely to be evaluated for IBD
    • From 1970 – 2010 the number of IBD cases has increased by 135% for black and brown people in the US
    • I got to meet the amazing organization  Color of Crohn’s and Chronic Illness

Connections we made while at DDW

  • Fodzyme – Fodzyme is a new super cool product designed to help with reducing symptoms from fodmaps like fructans
  • We met up with the CCFA team involved in IBD nutrition research and are excited to have them on the podcast soon!

Dietary updates- more of research we have already seen – but still exciting!

    • Additives discussed more – including artificial sweeteners (we plan to talk about this on the podcast)
    • Fiber and polyunsaturated fats are really the drivers of producing diversity and richness in the diet – Fiber is so important in reducing inflammation!
    • Our diet impacts IBD, as the foods we eat can help our guts produce helpful gut bacteria versus more harmful gut metabolites.
    • New research from the Nurses’ Health Study which followed people for a number of years examines the role of sulfur in ulcerative colitis and minimizing that component is really important in reducing symptoms and flare risk.
    • In one study looking at a semi-vegetarian diet pattern, they found fiber can prevent flares and inflammation and it helps mitigate the risk of flare!

Hispanic Diets – some new research!

  • We took a look at Hispanic dietary patterns and the impact of IBD. Overall, this diet includes tropical fruits, starchy vegetables, mixed rices, and soups, which were very helpful in the diet. It also included pastries 1x/week, but with the other elements it didn’t impact total IBD. Results showed a symptom reduction and fecal cal reduction; interestingly those that were foreign born had better microbiomes.