What to Eat with IBD

& How to Reduce Symptoms

Prerecorded Mini Nutrition Program

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What to Eat with IBD & Reduce Symptoms

This mini nutrition program will help you know what to eat (and avoid) with IBD to have fewer flares, induce remission, and relieve painful IBD symptoms, such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain.

Do you spend a lot of time and energy figuring out what to eat for IBD (and how to get relief), only to still be confused after hours on Google? 😵‍💫

Or maybe you’ve experimented with various diets to reduce your symptoms but ended up with only a few safe foods, and now mealtimes, traveling, and events are SO challenging.

Navigating IBD can be hard, isolating, and confusing. We know how frustrating it is to be bombarded with conflicting information online and how unfair it can feel to miss out on foods you love or gatherings with loved ones because of diet restrictions.

That’s why we created this mini nutrition program called What to Eat with IBD & Reduce Symptoms. Let us take the guesswork out of what to eat and avoid with IBD so you finally have a plan you feel GOOD about… one that doesn’t trigger your symptoms or require over-restriction. 🙌

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What’s included in What to Eat with IBD & Reduce Symptoms:

✔️ Three pre-recorded webinars with Q&A (watch whenever is most convenient for you!) ⁠

✔️ ALL the answers to your question of “What to Eat for IBD”

✔️ Tools that will help you have fewer flares, induce remission, and reduce IBD symptoms WITHOUT over-restriction

✔️ Knowledge of how to use nutrition to reduce your risk of flare up long term

Get answers to your biggest nutrition questions like:

How do you figure out what foods cause a flare and what foods are safe to eat? Are soy and tofu okay? What about antinutrients? Can you consume alcohol with IBD?
Why might nutrient deficiencies and insufficient eating lead to IBD fatigue, and what should you eat for more energy?
How do you know if any nutrients are standing in the way of your remission? Is your diet why you’re feeling fatigued or not recovering after a flare? What are the most important nutrition-related labs to ask for if you have IBD?
How should you navigate food triggers, and what do you do if you lack hunger cues?
& so much more!

Who is this for?

This mini nutrition program is for IBD patients interested in using diet and nutrition for symptom relief.

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We’re the Crohn’s & Colitis Dietitians

Welcome! We’re Danielle & Ashley

We understand the things you’re struggling with right now – the pain, the bloating, the constant running for the bathroom – because we have IBD, too.

Through our nutrition therapy practice, we have the privilege of helping hundreds of patients with Crohn’s or Colitis each year find symptom relief and reduce their risk.

For ‘What to Eat with IBD & Reduce Symptoms,’ we took the exceptional results seen by patients in our 6-month program and condensed our top tips into this mini nutrition program for those who need the next steps right now. ⁠

We simplify how to use diet and nutrition to relieve IBD symptoms so you can feel better, have fewer flares, and improve your chance for remission long-term.

Sending this email to thank you all for being AWESOME!!! 
Your videos, webinars, downloads, library, posts have made a huge difference in my life. I totally trust a dietician about nutrition and I super-duper trust a whole team of them that have my disease. 

I often feel like everything online is conflicting and I love how you always help me feel less confused. It feels like a sigh of relief when I read through any material you send out or attend your webinars. Thank you for what you do for the community.

As usual your webinar was spectacular!! Thank you – I feel like I know what I can do next to support myself better. I can say I got more out of this last hour than I’ve gotten in my last few months of healthcare appointments.

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One Time Payment

Pre-recorded Mini Nutrition Program

Get access to the pre-recorded video webinars, which are yours to keep.

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Do you have to attend live?

No! This is an on-demand program with pre-recorded lessons, so you can watch whenever is most convenient for you and listen (or relisten) to the lessons as you need.

I think I might need one-on-one support. What’s included?

You’ll get access to 3 pre-recorded lessons on What to Eat with IBD, plus tools to help you reduce IBD symptoms without over-restriction⁠. 

This program is a great starting point, even if you need additional one-on-one support. You can always add on a private one-on-one consultation or join our 6-month program next.

How can nutrition help relieve IBD symptoms?

There is overwhelming evidence showing us that nutrition matters and plays a crucial role in symptom remission and inflammation reduction. Certain foods decrease the risks of flares, and certain foods increase the risks of flares. For example, those who keep fiber in their diet are 40% less likely to develop flares.

We have read all the research, have worked with thousands of IBD patients, and have personal experience with IBD ourselves. In this mini nutrition program, we help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of IBD nutrition so you know how to use diet to feel better, have fewer flares, and improve your chance for remission long-term.

Do you have to eat a certain way or be on a restrictive diet to sign up?

No. We’re here to educate you so you can make your own informed decisions about what’s best for you to eat and improve your chance of remission and symptom reduction. Plus, we focus on a “what to add” approach vs. “what to take away,” so we focus on adding more variety to your diet vs. restriction.

Can’t I find this information online for free?

If researching online is all you need to get your questions answered, find symptom reduction, and incorporate a plan that works for you, that’s great! This mini nutrition program may not be for you. However, for many people with IBD, that’s not enough.

Often, the information we find online is confusing, conflicting, or doesn’t fully help us get symptom reduction or reduce the risk of flares. Most of our clients also need to look at nutrient deficiencies and put together a specific plan that fits into their lives (vs. fits their lives into a restrictive diet).

The other thing that’s often missing online is the human aspect – being able to have someone connect the dots with confusing information and getting individual guidance on how to implement it all. This can make a big difference in the treatment of IBD.

When you ask Google what to eat with IBD, Google doesn’t know you’re also asking how to reduce your symptoms, avoid over-restriction, or navigate food at an upcoming event.

We know these things because we have worked with thousands of IBD patients and have personal experience with IBD ourselves. This is what makes our ‘What to Eat With IBD’ program different from anything you can find online for free right now.

If this program feels like a good fit for you, we’d love to have you join us and answer all of your most pressing nutrition questions!

Access the program


One Time Payment

Pre-recorded Mini Nutrition Program

Get access to the pre-recorded video webinars, which are yours to keep.