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Types of Remission

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The 4 Types of Remission are:

  • Clinical Remission- No symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, bloating or abdominal pain
  • Biochemical Remission- No inflammation present
  • Endoscopic Remission- No inflammation seen during a colonoscopy
  • Histological Remission- No signs of IBD present- complete recovery of the colonic mucosa, no inflammation or structural changes

So that being said, you can have no symptoms and still have active inflammation. You can also have no inflammation present and still have lots of symptoms. They do not always go together. 

Most people with IBD approach nutrition based on symptoms alone- when they perceive something to cause symptoms, they take it out completely. Many of the foods commonly restricted are often those that contain fiber.

While tolerance should be considered, taking this guessing approach can lead to over-restriction of things that can actually be helpful in reducing inflammation and disease activity.

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