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Supplements for IBD: Curcumin

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Quality Rating
    • Curcumin Meriva: 
      • Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, fat soluble, active ingredient in turmeric, poorly absorbed on its own (form and absorbability is really important) 
      • Peperine formulations can have potential downsides with medication interactions*
      • Meriva form is most widely researched in IBD
      • Other well absorbed formulations: 
        • Peperine formulations, potential downsides*
        • BCM-95®- Curcumin + Essential oils
        • Meriva® – Curcumin + Lecithin, best formulation (able to make it further down in the digestive tract)
      • BCM-95 = curcumin + essential oils
      • Dose is really important – 2g – 8-10g+
      • Helps prevent relapse in UC (2 g)
      • Helps improve symptoms and inflammation in Crohn’s (1.5-2 g)
  • Both Curcumin and Boswellia – same pathway as mesalazine; at minimum curcumin 3g or 6 capsules (higher end would be 10 capsules; maintenance would be 2-4 capsules/day) and start with 6-8 capsules
  • There are some medication interactions to look out for with curcumin (always disclose ALL supplement use with your doctor):
  • Curcumin may also increase risk of kidney stones in those that are susceptible, however this should be discussed with your provider to determine if appropriate:

⭐starring system criteria:

  • Works well with medications
  • Additional benefits
  • Has evidence to support its benefit 
  • Easy to incorporate into daily routine 
  • Cost effective
  • High Quality Brand
  • Well-absorbed formulation