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Quick & Easy Meal Ideas (no recipes)

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Breakfast ideas:
Overnight oats
Whole-grain toast w/ almond butter + fruit
Avocado toast
Cashew or almond-based yogurt & flax/chia seeds & fruit

Lunch & dinner ideas:
Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers (frozen section)
Mixed Bowls – quinoa, hummus or chickpeas, veggies, Primal Kitchen Dressing
Amy’s Kitchen vegan meals (frozen section)
Canned tuna/salmon & whole-wheat crackers w/ fruit
Tuna salad sandwich on whole-wheat bread
Tofu scramble in tortilla (siete tortillas or corn tortilla)
Stir fry – frozen edamame, veggies & rice with a Primal Kitchen Teriyaki sauce
Burrito bowl with veggies, beans, salsa & other toppings – Use brown rice (microwavable) or quinoa as the base!
Brown rice cakes with hummus & veggies or with nut butter & fruit
Brown rice pasta (or chickpea pasta) with frozen veggies/peas & pasta sauce

GoMacro bars
Fruit & nut butters
Hummus and crackers (I like siete crackers)