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  • From Ashley: Why I drink so much matcha– On instagram, in team meetings, while traveling… I always have a matcha. I often get many questions about my matcha habit- many are curious why I like matcha or want to learn how to make one themselves. When I started Crohn’s & Colitis Dietitians- I became obsessed with matcha lattes. In part because I was anemic at the time and couldn’t tolerate coffee well. But then I kept drinking them because I learned to make them taste really good! In 2018 I actually attended a Japanese matcha ceremony which is where they go through all of the rituals of an authentic tea ceremony. Believe it or not- this wasn’t in Japan. It was actually in Australia! I spent over a month in Australia and mostly in Tasmania in 2018. I worked at a clinic and herb farm to do some learning. On the right is a picture from this adventure. If you’d like to see a matcha tutorial I created at the very start of Crohn’s & Colitis Dietitians, than don’t by any means ever click HERE.


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  • Love coffee but don’t tolerate it? I’ve got you…
  • What’s the best matcha? I’m an expert and I’ll tell you… from someone who LOVES matcha and has at least 2 daily… I love wild foods matcha. The quality is unmatched and it’s way more affordable than other ceremonial grade versions.
  • The 1 thing I always have in my fridge is Olipop! It’s like soda but good for your gut- it’s got prebiotics inside and tastes so good!

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