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Kiwi a day.. keeps constipation away?!

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Constipation is not talked about nearly as much as diarrhea with IBD, but it doesn’t mean those of us with IBD never deal with it!

Taking iron to treat anemia, work stress, lack of water or movement… there are many reasons why you might find yourself a little backed up.

Did you know 2 kiwi can help? There have been multiple studies looking at kiwi for helping with constipation and reduction in pain and straining. Recently the American Journal of Gastroenterology even published another study on it.

The study: A treatment option for adults with constipation can include 2-3 kiwi fruits/day which was shown to be just as effective as psyllium for constipation. Kiwi on the other hand showed improvements in relation to straining compared to psyllium (research, research).

How to implement: Take 2 kiwi a day when constipated for 28 days


Got Questions? We got answers!

Questions: Will kiwi give me diarrhea if not constipated?

You don’t need to avoid kiwi if you aren’t constipated. Kiwi is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients – so keep it in the diet if you like it.

Questions: Should I do green or yellow kiwi?

The proteolytic (enzymes that break down protein) activity of the kiwifruit enzyme actinidin is eight times higher in green kiwifruit! Two green kiwi’s a day are recommended for constipation and 2-3 golden kiwi’s are recommended to treat constipation. But pick the one you like most!