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Fertility & Sexual Health in IBD

Fertility & Sexual Health, Membership

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Quiescent disease or mildly active = same fertility and birth outcomes as a normal pregnancy/those without IBD  


Body image and sexual intimacy are major concerns for those with IBD, yet rarely discusses 

With almost 40% of patients reporting their disease negatively impacting their decision to pursue intimate relationships 

Sexual health is multidimensional, encompassing physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual aspects, allowing depression and anxiety to be the main driver of sexual dysfunction in IBD.,the%20general%20population%5B16%5D  


“In IBD patients, more than 50% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction and 45% of men from erectile dysfunction. Psychological comorbidities, body image, and disease perception are strongly associated with poor sexual health in IBD patients”,the%20general%20population%5B16%5D 


Can IBD affect my fertility? 



Can IBD affect my pregnancy?

  • Preterm birth
  • Low birth weight 


Family Planning Methods: 

  • Slightly increased risk for development of IBD with OCP use 
  • No sufficient data for a contraceptive as a cause for relapse 
  • Avoid contraceptives with an estrogen component if at risk for VTE
  • Avoid DMPA injections if at risk for or with osteopenia 
  • IUDs and etonogestrel implants are safe and highly effective forms of contraception that can be recommended as a first-line intervention in patients with IBD


All patients with IBD should have access to: 

  • Counseling on appropriate protection from STIs and safe behaviors 
  • Screening for early identification of depression and anxiety 
  • Discussion of fertility and sexual issues with healthcare providers