Get to symptom remission faster and stay there longer

You don’t have to face IBD alone. On average, our patients have 86% symptom relief within 3-6 months

Those that measure inflammation before and after also see significant reduction in inflammation

Get relief from painful bloating, diarrhea, urgency, inflammation, and the unpredictability of IBD

Does this sound like you?

‘I feel like I’m just guessing about nutrition’

‘I’ve tried to figure it out on my own but end up over restricting’

‘I know nutrition is important but I need expert guidance on how to implement it’

‘I’m not sure how to use nutrition to reduce symptoms’

‘I’m ready to handover my nutrition to someone that can help so that I can get relief and feel less stress around it’

We understand what you’re going through – because we have been there too.

We are the Crohn’s and Colitis Dietitians™ – Dietitians specialized in IBD who truly ‘get it’ when it comes to what you are going through.

You probably don’t realize how much you’ve thought about (and stressed about) your nutrition for IBD – and we want to help you get answers to your biggest questions about what to eat for IBD & how to reduce symptoms. You deserve to have answers and support when it comes to your IBD & nutrition.

We see patients 3 and up who have Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Microscopic Colitis, J-pouch, Pre/Post Surgery or those that have indeterminate IBD.

We are 100% virtual and see patients in the US and Canada.

We help thousands with IBD each year:

  • Reduce symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, urgency & constipation so that you can think about it less!
  • Have an evidence backed plan to reduce risk of flare ups
  • Feel confident in their IBD nutrition

Learn what’s possible

Crohn's – Acid Reflux and Constipation Relief

Case Study

Patient was dealing with some constipation and reliant on Metamucil and Acid Reflux medication. He was unable to play with his kids because of his low energy and chronic gastrointestinal pain. He was having loss of appetite and pain with food and had lost weight of 20 lbs or more. He had been to the hospital on more than one occasion for a pain in his right side and left without answers. He was given standard dietary advice previously which didn’t seem to address the whole picture.


After 3 months of working together, he was able to come off of acid reflux medications and Metamucil and had no symptoms of acid reflux or constipation. After 6 months of work together, according to his symptom questionnaire, his overall symptoms improved by 90%, 100% improvement of bloating, constipation and nausea and an 82% improvement in mood.

Quotes from patient

“I’m thankful for our time together. Not being in pain has allowed me to be in a much better mental state. I now feel like a better role model to my son and am happy to be able to dance with my girls again”

“Always having access to you through chat for immediate items has been a huge help as I was learning to figure it all out- it’s nice to not have to do it all alone”

Active Ulcerative Colitis – Fatigue and Low Mood to Stable Remission

Case Study

The patient struggled for years with navigating painful ulcerative colitis, weight loss of 20 lbs, diarrhea 30 times per day, nausea and unresolved anemia despite iron supplementation.


After 5 months of working together the patient much closer to her normal body weight and able to tolerate many foods that she wasn’t able to previously (even when in remission previously). Another significant change was that she was able to navigate future flares with more ease. In her words “the flares feel like bumps in the road instead of mountains”. Overall symptom scores improved by 85%, gas and bloating improved by 95%, energy improved by 75% at the 6 month mark.

Quotes from Patient

“I was thankful that you what we incorporated could easily accommodate new medications. It’s nice to have more than one approach to treating my UC. I feel much more stable in my remission and better able to navigate flares”

Microscopic Colitis – Reliant on Immodium to Stable Bowel Movements

Case Study

Patient had been dealing with severe diarrhea, urgency and not making it to the bathroom in time for over 10 years. She was on a high dose of Imodium daily for the past 7 years which led to constipation for most of the week and racing to the bathroom when the bowel movements did hit.  


By month five of our work together she was able to have normal bowel movements without Imodium for the first time in ten years. Patient also reported improvements in her mood and she started to enjoy cooking at home. She felt excited to be able to engage in social activities again without fear of having another bathroom issue. Patient has now been able to reintroduce many foods successfully. Headache frequency improved by 87%, diarrhea improved by 100%, bloating was 100% resolved, and energy improved by 74%.

Quotes from Patient

“Not being reliant on Imodium has been life changing for me! I also finally have figured out what dietary approach works best for me. I feel like my relationship with food has improved and I’m enjoying cooking for the first time”

Crohn's Disease – Active for 12 Years to Finally Seeing Remission

Case Study

Patient came to me and said she had been in a flare for 12 years. She never recalled getting to a stable remission.


In month three of our work together the patient was in symptom remission. She had a colonoscopy mid-way through and her doctor saw no signs of inflammation or Crohn’s activity for the first time in 12 years. She was excited to finally be in remission after being in a flare state with uncomfortable bowel symptoms for years.

Quotes from Patient

“I was most surprised with how many foods I was able to add back to my diet that I thought I’d never be able to consume again. I learned how to see the bigger picture of what actually matters for my IBD. I appreciate the customized support that you offered and that you were able to meet me where I’m at. Also, the course modules are amazing- it’s inspired me to learn more about my own gut health”

What working together looks like

IBD Focused Guidance

Get beyond vague nutrition advice. We provide evidence-based tools and a customized plan.

The Support You Deserve

We are here for you. Get unparalleled support when you need it. Schedule a call or reach out through chat anytime.

Reduce Your IBD Stress

Hand over your nutrition to experts instead of second guessing and using google. We’ve got you covered!

"I felt a sigh of relief when I found your team"

I reached out to Crohn’s & Colitis Dietitians about 6 months ago when I was going through the diagnosis process for ulcerative colitis. I couldn’t have had a better experience. I had never been good with nutrition which made getting diagnosed even more overwhelming, but they helped me each step of the way and became a more important resource for me than my doctor had been. The program was a long term investment to learn how to support my body going forward and that made it worth it. I loved how invested the team was in me and that they all specialized in IBD. I also really liked that the reasons behind the nutrition choices were backed with science and research, especially after my initial google searches turned up so many contradicting and confusing suggestions. I’m now in such a better place, thanks again to Crohn’s & Colitis Dietitians!

–H. Perry

"Life changing..."

I was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease in addition to suffering with chronic inflammation. [Their] guidance based on scientific knowledge to healthier eating and supplement support of my micronutrient deficiencies has reduced my inflammation and helped keep my autoimmune symptoms at bay.

[My CCD dietitian] is a great listener, easy to talk to, genuinely caring and able to apply her knowledge to help.


"Within two weeks I noticed a difference..."

I went to [the CCD team] with severe stomach issues after being blown off by numerous doctors. Within 2 weeks I noticed a difference and now 6 months later I feel like a whole new woman. I recommend anyone and everyone to visit [them]. [They] believes in healing [their] clients.


"Meds got me part of the way, but nutrition has been the missing piece for me"

I can’t express how thankful I am for [my CCD dietitian]. I don’t look like a typical Crohn’s patient. It has felt like my body is in survival mode even though I’m not eating enough. I also have many food allergies as well which complicated my nutrition. I had so much hesitation going to a dietitian because I worked with many in the past who didn’t actually help me and offered generic advice. (…) Every single time I discuss things with her I cry because I’m so grateful to finally have answers. Not only have I gotten exceptional guidance, but she has helped by finding and sending me actual products that I can eat and where to buy them. I’ve been feeling so much better since I started her program. I know what to eat now, and I’m not as overwhelmed as I was in the past. Again, I can’t express the gratitude I have for this life changing knowledge. Thank you – I finally have hope.

-K. Sims