This one-week IBD meal plan doubles as a gut-friendly digital cookbook featuring 24 delicious meals to address common nutrient deficiencies, manage IBD symptoms, and promote remission.

This 42-page guide includes:

  • Important IBD nutrition myths and facts, including the key to tolerating more foods without symptoms and why certain fibers can actually help decrease inflammation
  • A done-for-you meal plan specifically created by IBD dietitians for people with IBD to help correct common nutrient deficiencies, manage IBD-related nausea and weight loss, decrease inflammation, and improve your chance of IBD remission
  • 24 IBD-friendly and gut-friendly recipes with pictures, prep time, cook time, ingredients, and step-by-step instructions! Each recipe also includes benefits for IBD and reasons to incorporate certain foods into your diet. This is super helpful for understanding how to use nutritional therapy as part of your IBD treatment plan!
  • Printable grocery list and shopping guide to implement your IBD meal plan and know exactly what to buy at the store, from snacks to grains to vegetables and more!

If you’re not sure what to eat with IBD or find it challenging to follow an IBD diet, this is your starting point. Use these recipes and follow this one-week meal plan to begin incorporating nutritional therapy into your treatment plan to manage and feel better with IBD!