This 24-page eBook discusses the most important things for you to know right now about IBD so you feel more confident navigating upcoming doctor’s appointments, dietary changes, and IBD treatment options. We detail topics like,

  • Navigating your emotions after an IBD diagnosis
  • The difference between symptoms and inflammation (and why knowing this will help you decide on treatment plans and increase your chance of IBD remission)
  • Our ‘What to Eat with IBD’ Starter Guide, with an introduction to food allergies, food intolerances, and anti-inflammatory foods to add to your diet (plus pro-inflammatory foods you may want to avoid)
  • 13 specific lab tests to ask your GI for during your next appointment (and what these labs tell you about your IBD diagnosis and whether or not your treatment plan is working)
  • 10 written-for-you scripts to bring up common IBD issues with your doctor, such as safe medications for pregnancy, possible medication side effects or interactions, insurance coverage, and more
  • 12 helpful questions to ask during appointments so you can get the answers you need to find the best treatment plan for you

+ Journal prompts to guide you in this new diagnosis, from processing any anger or confusion you may feel to navigating anxiety around flares to building a good support system

+ A monthly, bi-annual, and annual checklist for your fridge to remember important things like insurance updates, scope preparations, ongoing lab markers, and auto-refill prescriptions

+ Inspirational message cut-outs to place on your fridge, desk, or bathroom mirror for friendly reminders and supportive boosts when you need them most