You might be surprised to know that no reputable organizations in the world of IBD say to eat low fiber long term to support inflammation reduction! In fact, most say the opposite. Including dietary fiber for those with IBD is possible, and actually… It’s recommended! 

If you are looking for ways to expand your diet safely and even help reduce your symptoms – this guide is for YOU!

In this 27-page guide, we will cover:

  • Why we don’t use low residue or low fodmap diets with IBD
  • New tools to help with digesting high fodmap foods
  • The top myths about fiber and why it’s misunderstood
  • Learn the surprising truth about fiber & why we need it with IBD
  • Find out the top ways we help our patients tolerate fiber better
  • How to have beans with less symptoms (yes, beans!)
  • Tips on navigating strictures & other complications
  • Some truths that will ease your food fears
  • The big picture on what to eat with IBD & fiber